Sports massage

You are a sportsman? Or maybe you just like intensive training? If so, then a sports massage at YA SPA in Poznań is something for you!

This type of massage is addressed mainly to those who practice sport on regular basis, but we also highly recommend it to those who want to prepare for an occasional sports challenge.

To derive full pleasure and satisfaction from physical activity, it is necessary to ensure appropriate regeneration, for example by sports massage performed by an experienced professional therapists at YA SPA.

Both recreational and professional sport is connected inevitably with muscle soreness, and often with strained tissues and injuries. Therefore, sports massage, as a form of therapy counteracts these ailments and is an inseparable element of regeneration in professional training programs. Sports massage is also an active form of rest that significantly increases the body’s ability to exercise without losing any energy.

Sports massage enables you to better prepare for physical effort, relieves pain caused by intense training, reduces the risk of injury and minimizes the effects of fatigue caused by physical exercise.

The technique of sports massage at YA SPA is similar to classic massage, but it is performed much harder, with a predominance of kneading and rubbing. Such massage is much more intense in order to warm up and relax the muscles. It resembles isometric massage, as it helps in the reconstruction and growth of muscle mass and muscle strength, while reducing unnecessary fat. Sports massage acts as a healing agent for microinjuries of muscle fibers, dilates blood vessels in the skin and stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation, as a result of which it prevents swelling and improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles. It also accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.

Regular sports massages at YA SPA guarantee faster muscle regeneration, improved joint mobility, increased flexibility of ligaments and tendons. All this will help you to achieve better sports results.

If you lead an active lifestyle and want to relax fully after physical exercise and gain energy to face new sports challenges, we invite you to a sports massage at YA SPA in Poznań.