Our mission


Welcome to the place that we have created with love and passion.

During our trips around the world, we fell in love with Asian massages and their miraculous effects on body and soul. As we often indulge ourselves with massages, we have made every effort and paid attention to the smallest details in our parlour, including most importantly, the offer of treatment or even the choice of appropriate music. Only experienced therapists with professional certificates issued by prestigious schools are invited to join the YA SPA team.

For our massages, we use only cosmetics of natural origin that were not tested on animals.

Relax and get energized. Find your YA.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Spa etiquette

Our major concern is that all our Guests leave the Spa satisfied. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to respect our etiquette.
We recommend that you come to the parlour 5-10 minutes before the treatment, so that you have time to prepare yourself properly without any stress.
Please call us in case of delay of more than 15 minutes. Otherwise, we will be forced to shorten your massage due to our appointment schedule and for the convenience of other Guests.
Please mute your mobile phones before entering our Spa.
Before starting the massage, please provide information on particular health conditions, including pregnancy, high blood pressure, any kind of injuries, muscle pains, etc.
For every massage, we prepare a set of towels and disposable underwear. A foot washing ritual is a prelude to every massage.
At the end, we treat all our Guests to aromatic oriental tea.

Our Parlour

YA SPA is a unique place on the map of Poznań.
The size of the rooms, thick brick walls, carefully selected music and exotic aroma of oils take our guest to distant Asia as soon as they cross the threshold of our parlour. Despite the location in the heart of the city, no noise from the outside will disturb the atmosphere of relaxation and harmony.

We offer individual massage areas separated by curtains to create the climate of Asia as well as a room for couples (VIP room). Our Spa is decorated in the oriental style and will surely enrapture every visitor interested in Eastern culture.