Slimming and body sculpting massage

This is a special treatment for everyone who wants to be well-shaped. At YA SPA in Poznań, we offer a specially developed slimming and sculpting massage. Performed on regular basis, it is a real support to achieve and keep the desired appearance. This type of massage combines various techniques of energetic classic massage and lymphatic drainage, and is designed to break down subcutaneous adipose tissue, reduce cellulite and improve the texture and tone of the skin. Appropriately performed, it is also beneficial for women after pregnancy who want to restore the body figure they had before the birth of the child and improve the skin condition.

During the massage, the therapist performs a special sequence of movements, namely:

– rubbing, to stimulate fluid circulation and to massage thickenings of adipose tissue and eliminate deposits and swelling;

– kneading, to stimulate muscles, increase the elasticity of muscular tissue and tendons and ensure better oxygenation and blood supply to the skin;

– patting to improve skin nutrition and support reduction of adipose tissue.

Added to this is extrusion, which is part of the lymphatic drainage to increase blood and lymph flow and accelerate the removal of metabolic waste. Body shaping is achieved by breaking up fat cells that are deep in the subcutaneous tissue, including primarily the buttocks, hips and thighs, which are the areas resistant to exercise and diet.

Slimming and sculpting massage performed with high intensity at times can be less pleasant, but it is absolutely worth taking into account all its advantages. Visible effects that can be expected are the reduction of thigh and abdominal circumference, firm buttocks, disappearance of excessive adipose tissue and improved texture of stretched skin. In addition, the treatment has a positive impact on the endocrine and immune systems, cleanses the body of toxins, relaxes, regulates body fluids and improves metabolism.

You may feel some changes after the first treatment, but to achieve the desired results, slimming and sculpting massage should be carried out on regular basis.