Foot and leg massage (reflexology)

A perfect treatment to eliminate the feeling of “heavy legs”.

Reflexology is not just a relaxing foot massage. This is a healing practice that has been used in many cultures for centuries to improve health and relax the body, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific research. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are energy paths running along the human body (meridians), through which life-energy flows, and all its disorders manifest themselves in the form of various diseases and ailments. Reflex areas on the feet reflect the overall image of the human body. They correspond to specific zones of the body and organs, and are connected with the whole body through nerve impulses. The therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate specific areas of the feet and unblock the energy paths to improve the flow of energy to the corresponding organs. In this way, the therapist harmonises the circulation of energy throughout the whole body, which is a way to regain physical, emotional and spiritual health. The purpose of therapy by application of pressure to reflex areas on the feet is to cause physiological reactions that stimulate the self-healing process in the body and help to restore the natural state of balance.

The YA SPA treatment starts with warming up the feet, i.e. appropriate stretching and relaxing exercises. Then the therapist proceeds to massaging individual reflex areas with appropriate techniques, which are a combination of deep massage and soft touch, sometimes using special sticks. Initially, the massage is focused on the soles, and then proceeds to the toes, ankles, calves and thighs. As a result, the treatment brings relief to tired feet and overwhelming feeling of relaxation of the whole body.

It is also worth mentioning that, in addition to many health-related benefits, including boosting the immune system, stimulating blood circulation, improving the functioning of the digestive system and cleansing the body of toxins, reflexology improves the rhythm and quality of sleep. It is a confirmed method to fight insomnia.

Come to YA-SPA for a foot and leg massage and you will walk out of our parlor with a light step!