Simply put, it is a shortened version of the classic massage focused on the upper parts of the body, from the waist up. The techniques used by therapists are intended to increase intervertebral spaces and relax the muscles that keep our bodies in an upright position.

Cerebral circulation disorders cause headaches, migraines, memory and concentration problems, insomnia or even depression. On the other hand, disorders in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae cause scoliosis, degenerations or dangerous lesions.

The massage of upper body parts is especially recommended for clients suffering from chronic headaches or shoulder, neck, back and spine pains.

It is also a great idea for relaxation of muscles for overworked clients exposed to stress or people leading a sedentary lifestyle and spending a lot of time in one position. Perfect for clients working in front of a screen. After this relaxing treatment, you will come back to your daily duties refreshed, without the tension that has accompanied you so far, and completely de-stressed.