Hot stone massage

If you feel that you lack deep relaxation, and above you need a little bit of warmth;) and a break, it means that it high time for a hot stone massage at YA SPA in Poznań.

Hot stone massage is an ancient, thousands years old healing practice that involves the use of flat basalt stones, i.e. dark gray or black stones of volcanic origin. Stones heated up to 50°C are arranged in accordance with the maps of the distribution of energy centers (chakras) and moved along the meridians, i.e. channels connecting the chakras, to improve energy flow throughout the body.

Massage with hot stones at YA SPA begins with stimulating the skin with gentle stroking and application of oil to ensure proper sliding of the stones. The therapist slowly touches the skin with hot stones, so that the body can gradually get used to their heat. When the stones are cool enough to be touched freely, the therapist moves them on the skin with quick movements.

The choice of the right shape and size of the stone is of crucial importance, as their surface has to adhere to the body as closely as possible. During the treatment, the therapist uses rubbing, i.e. massaging the body with circular movements and kneading. The therapist brings together two stones of similar shape and size, after which she kneads the fold formed between them. As the stones cool down, the massage becomes calmer. Finally the stones are arranged in the right places. This type of massage is slightly more delicate compared to classic massage, because it does not require the use of great force.

Hot stone massage has a beneficial effect both on the body and mind. The treatment ensures deep calmness, eliminates stress and emotional tension as well as improves the mood. The pleasant warmth that flows from hot stones relaxes tense muscles, as a result of which blood and lymph begin to circulate faster. The cells are oxygenated and nourished, and your body regains vitality. An additional positive effect of this treatment is the improvement of your skin condition, as it reduces swelling, enhances hydration and texture and reduced cellulite. Hot stone massage is highly recommended to those who have problems with the circulatory system, complain of chronic back and muscle pain and struggle with high stress on a daily basis.

All you have to do is to let us know when we can start heating the stones for you and we will take care of the rest.