Massage for Seniors

Massage is one of the most pleasant ways to improve physical condition and well-being for seniors. It helps in the prevention and treatment of ailments suffered with the passing of years, and its rejuvenating effect has long been confirmed.

At YA SPA, the technique of massage is adjusted to the age of the person, their health condition as well as individual needs. During massage we use gentle, non-invasive techniques, special positions and a number of minor elements that have impact on the overall therapy. This type of massage is performed with exceptional sensitivity and gentleness. The pressure we use during the treatment is more subtle and gentler, so it does not affect tissues and blood vessels.
During massaging, we focus on problems typical of elderly people, and YA SPA Massage for Seniors is a peculiar combination of the art of Ayurveda, acupressure, passive yoga and elements of shiatsu.

The above techniques are used in the course of the treatment in order to reach places that are particularly vulnerable to factors having a negative effect on psychophysics of the body. This type of massage involves the pressure of hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, as well as feet using various compression and stretching techniques.

The therapist focuses on restoring maximum efficiency of the motor system and circulatory system, correcting stases and alleviating rheumatic symptoms. Massage releases muscle and joint tension, at the same time strengthening them, which it improves their elasticity and brings pain relief. Additionally, it stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Increased joint mobility and easier movement are one of the more spectacular effects of our massages. The body becomes more flexible and has the greater freedom of movement. Moreover, professional massage for seniors performed by an experienced YA SPA therapist brings the whole range of other benefits, including:
– relief of pain of various origin,
– reduced muscle tension,
– improved quality of sleep and general well-being,
– improved skin appearance,
– body regeneration.

After such a massage, we invite you to enjoy a cup of delicious oriental tea, as part of each treatment at YA SPA.