Massage for children

We make sure that every person who visits our parlor is treated with the greatest care and has a massage tailored to individual needs.

Therefore, children are especially welcome guests at YA SPA and we prepared a unique massage for them on our offer.
Are there any benefits of massaging a healthy child who is developing normally? Of course there are; the list of advantages of a professionally made massage for children at YA SPA is long. At the same time it is worth emphasizing that not only the child, but also its relatives derive benefits from such a massage.

In massaging children, we use the traditional technique with optimal adjusting its intensity and strength to the age and build of the child. Massage for children is a very effective preventive practice that minimizes the risk of faulty posture and degenerative changes of the spine. Skillfully made, massage removes nape and neck pains caused by overloading of certain muscle parts and it increases the degree of freedom and range of motion. First of all, it eliminates all tension and contributes to regeneration both after exercising and after long sitting in the school bench or in front of the computer. The result is a visible improvement in flexibility and overall physical fitness.

Massage harmonizes the child’s body, helps to keep the appropriate level of concentration, releases stress and brings relaxation to the organism of a young person who, just like an adult, is exposed to situations that are the burden for their mind. As a result, parents especially appreciate the relaxing and calming effect of massaging their children.
Treat your child to a massage and you will find that it is a wonderful gift for the whole family.