Filipino Hagod massage

Hagod massage at YA SPA is a carefully developed combination of centuries-old tradition with a hint of modernity. This massage is dedicated absolutely to everyone. It is highly recommended to those who decide to start their adventure with Asian massages for the first time. Other techniques, such as sports and sculpting massages draw on Hagod as the basic method. Hagod will help you define the direction, in which you would like to continue your journey in the wonderful world of massages…

Both the strength and methods used in Hagod vary depending on the course and stage of the massage. These factors are each time adjusted to the area of the body that is being massaged at the particular moment and on other factors, such as age or state of health, and even well-being. During the first part of Hagod, the therapist uses the thumbs only to analyze the condition of the body and prepares it for the proper treatment, adjusting the critical points. Then the therapist proceeds to the proper massage using a whole range of combined techniques. These are primarily: stroking, squeezing, rolling, kneading and patting.

Hagod massage has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, accelerating the removal of toxins from the body. It restores the natural muscle tone, relieves nagging tension from the arms and loins, and also improves the joint mobility. Hagod massage improves the texture and smooths the skin as well as stimulates nutrition of individual tissues. It has a positive impact on the nervous system due to its harmonizing and relaxing effect. Moreover, it improves the quality of sleep. Used as a preventive measure, it increases overall physical and mental fitness.

Drinking a large amount of water is recommended after the massage, as it extends significantly its beneficial effects.

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