Candle massage

Originating in the Orient, the massage is performed with the use of hot silky wax from a burning candle and it induces a state of relaxation and stress relief. When heated, natural wax turns into a massage oil in a few minutes and it is ready for direct application to the skin. Thanks to a special candle, the temperature of the oil is pleasant and adapted to the needs of the skin.
We offer green tea scented candle for massage, the aroma of which has a significant effect on mood improvement. The intense, yet delicate fragrance has a refreshing and stimulating effect, while inducing a feeling of deep relaxation and stress relief. It also contains shea butter, which lubricates and nourishes the skin and has moisturizing properties, as well as promotes collagen production and prevents aging. On the other hand, the avocado oil, which is a vitamin bomb, not only prevents dry skin, but also regenerates and softens the epidermis.
The spreading warmth gives a sense of pleasure and relaxes muscles, as a result of which the manual massage is much more effective. Following the massage, the skin is deeply nourished, toned, silky smooth and it looks fresh. The massage alleviates the symptoms of chronic fatigue and stress. Treat yourself to a massage to feel its wonderful benefits on your own skin!